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top 40 : Elementary (EP)

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experimentalambientglitchlo-fifield recordings Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Daniel Maze is a young composer from Canada, Vancouver. As he told me about himself, I've been into music all my life. I bet he was! After releasing two brilliant mini-albums on Italian net-label Sine3pm, he delivered a blow again with his Treehugger EP, released on 12rec. And now he presents his fourth release this year (this guy is a real hot rodder, don't you think?), exclusively for Elementary EP is "a must-hear" work for everyone, submerged in lo-fi aesthetics. As a source for these beautiful songs, Daniel used a very short field recordings of an elementary school band, made with cell-phone. These humming, enigmatic, touching, atmospheric ambient songs are so energetic and so primitive at the same time. Elementary is a bright example, of how a very simple concept and idea, provided with a very simple medium of expression, could be a basis for such a powerful, sincere and emotional work.

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