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12rec : Dusty Window EP

Released on
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Playtime: 17:44 - 192kb/s - 19.95 MB



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Release Notes

Dusty Window, the first Giraffe EP for 12rec., is a collection of spare and beautiful folk songs. With intricate guitar-work and a characteristic voice, Giraffe is able to reveal more wisdom in a few minutes of his music than most artists can articulate on the length of a full album."Sad Sister," the opening song, is a call for a woman's liberation. It isn't simply an awkward "do your own thing" cliche, but a plea for individuality in a girl who is worth more than what she lets herself become. A descending melody phrase forms the minimal basis in "The Fifth Wheel" while James sings about the bliss of two others ...and breaks the hearts of the 12rec. A&Rs. "Venecian Blinds" is a concise folk miniature, "Clear Exotic Sea" the big pop-draft and sure to be his hitsingle. The EP ends with "An Imperfect Lovesong ..." which works beautifully with its spontaneous and scribble-like declaration of love to a small area of skin, with breathless melodica and fading voice.During "Clear Exotic Sea," Giraffe asks his swimming muse if the ocean might be compatible with him. We feel pretty sure that the answer is clear.

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