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Bypass : Drink To The Drowned Ones

Released on
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Playtime: 50:00 - 192kb/s - 56.25 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/01/12 12:05h



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Release Notes

An electronic project from Latvia founded by macabro in 2006. As the time moved on the music has seen an evolution from harsher noisy sound to warm ambient atmospheres. Now he mainly experiments with drones and field recordings, along with using a huge variety of different sounds and self-made samples, such as bells, whistles, xylophones etc. The newer works might even be considered as guitar ambient, although guitar sound is fairly modified, sometimes to an unrecognizable degree.The new album represents warm guitar sounding mixed with analogue-like drones and deep atmospheres. The album's concept is an emotional journey into the very depth of the bluest sea. But no! this journey will not be tragic or funeral-like, it is rather a thoughtful and melancholic soundtrack.. just looking at the ever-shining sun with opened eyes of a drowned man.

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