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apogsasis : Drillovnica

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 50:16 - 192kb/s - 56.55 MB
Date released
Date published
2011/01/21 14:02h



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Release Notes

a p o g s a s i s . o r g   presents   [ aposet 04 ]   Trippmatic - Drillovnica     01. A.L.F. - Philharmonik Industry[BLD 004] A.L.F. - Stockholm syndrom orchestra Brainsucked - Alveol[BLD 002] V.A. - Don't mess with BBQ A.L.F. - God Shave The Queen[BLD 001] V.A. - AIRPLANES ARE SAFE Lactation Sandwich - Dadaist Ganja Farm Junglists[LOVMP301] Lactation Sandwich - This is/was 08 E.P. Lactation Sandwich - Benzylmethylketone Was My P2P[LOVMP301] Lactation Sandwich - This is/was 08 E.P. Weyheyhey!! - Go Fuck Yourself[LOVMP302] weyheyhey !! - Harlott E.P. Scatdose - Bad Timing[LOVMP300] V.A. -Love-Core Compilation vol1 Mirra - We Are Shadows[AcSa003] Mirra - Never Knows Best Subjex - Supersonic Mezze[IIVITRO005] Subjex - Supersonic Mezze A.L.F. - Buzz In Vino[PUZZLING009, INVITRO009] V.A. - PuZZling Vs In Vitro Filaria - Dib Dab Dub[BK] Filaria - Dib Dab Dub Koolmorf Widesen - K21[ILL040] V.A. - Reconciled Unity Bishop Dust - Of Mice And Man[apo005] V.A. - Dyspensa Oerfil - Familjen[KMPLX003] Oerfil - ST3120026A AUTOPSY Blaerg - Unmitigated Verbosity[imp005] Blaerg - Dysphoric Sonorities

16. Oerfil - Fitsgrld[KMPLX003] Oerfil - ST3120026A AUTOPSY Blaerg - Sesquipedalia[FTG002] Blaerg - sesquipedalia Carl Brown - WickCarl Brown - The Luminaries Must Be Destroyed 

 Creative Commons by 3.0   total :  50:16   format : [ mp3 cbr 192 k ]   release date : 21.01.2011   label : a p o g s a s i s . o r g 

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