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crazy language : Dreamcatcher

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Playtime: 01:07:33 - 320kb/s - 126.66 MB
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Release Notes

REM - RAM - ROM This project spawned from an idea i had about a decade ago. I had forced my friends to write down their dreams for me. Of course i would have them write their description and then i would question them on details. Often this would bring more of the images and details (textures/sensations) to the surface. The intended result was to be a collection of short stories based on these dreams. It was to be titled "Dreamcatcher". I know this collection will confuse a few of my listeners but the theme demanded this stance and variety of style. This collection of songs is my contribution to the mix. A noteworthy dream is a 3 part including dream prelude REM011209,REM011209 and REM011209seq2 (the aftermath) all 3 parts are from the same crazy dream in mid January. [Lucidstatic]

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