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Sostanze Records : Dont believe the hype

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 24:28 - 320kb/s - 45.88 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/06/25 11:17h



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Release Notes

Photo and Artwork: Luca Mascioli Artist: IlKobra, Flux, Nezoomie, Innyu, Bebop Title: Dont believe the hype Genre: electro, fidget, breakbeat Release on: 25/06/2010 Are you ready for the holidays? don't forget to put on your ipod this compilation, it will be the perfect soundtrack for your best summer experiences. The electro music (and others) contained in this LP is a time bomb, then, be carefull! Handle carefully and store in a dry place. To fully understand this music buy a switcher and dowload some works by DJ Switch. Anywhere in the world you are, take it to a trusted DJ! Artists like Cybotron or Don Rimini will became just a nice memory for him.Read the instructions before the use: Breakbeat and Fidget music contained into this album must be accompained by a medical authorization. Get ready to sweat. TRACKLIST: 1. Fidget_Kaos - Bebop 2. For The Hell Of It - Innyu 3. Mr Disco - Nezoomie 4. Sound Ministry - Flux 5. Tractor Pusher - IlKobra

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