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garganrecords : Deep High

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 01:11:56 - 320kb/s - 134.88 MB
Date released
Date published
2012/09/07 20:26h



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Release Notes

Deep life, High sensations. That was my inspiration for this second album. Through the whole album you'll be accompagnied by deep feelings and basses, which will lift you high. For the large ambient atmosphere, I used a lot of oldschool syths and vintage mastering equipment. I think music should be easy listened.

I would like to dedicate this album especially to my parents Catherine and Vassili, who supports me and offer me love, I hoped for. Thanks to all the persons who inspired me and listened to these pieces with attention before releasing it and thanks to all who shared their feelings together with me in sincerity. Special thanks to Benjamin, David, Jean, Ines, Isa, Marc, Ovi, Sven and Vio.


All files are in a quality of 320 kbit/s for the (free) Download.
MP3s, Cover and "all inclusive" ZIP-package are available here or on: />

Artist: TkY
Album: Deep High
Release Date: 2012-09-07
Genre: Deep House / Tech House
Label: Garganrecords
Catalog#: gargan069
Type: LP


(01) Listening Music 08:08
(02) Coffee In The Morning Sbang 06:46
(03) Couleurs Superposees 07:05
(04) Introspective 08:40
(05) That Single Tree 06:51
(06) Something Wrong 15:00
(07) Our World 08:24
(08) Flat Day 03:07
(09) Definitions (High Mix) 07:48

Full Time: 71:49

Talk about the Deep High Album:

1. Listening Music:

This track was born under shower taking before sleeping. I wanted to mix some deep house rythm with atmo percs and sweet melodies,
which chill me in the evening. I especially used a vintage mastering with vinyil cracks.
This track describes very well the album spirit: deep and high.

2. Coffee In The Morning Sbang:

Based on the deep spirit from the previous track, but enriched with a techno kick and glitchy beats.
As the title suggests, the idea of ​​this track came at a morning coffee with friends.
In the initial phase I produced two versions: "Sugar Mix" and "Without Sugar Mix", but eventually I decided
for "Without Sugar Mix" with its groovy bass and synth lines. The monotonic effect gives that track a lot of possibilities,
for example for a mix set.

3. Couleurs Superposees:

Ambient track. Ideas came from colours and reflexions about their impact on our life.
The large fat pad-sounds reminds me to that strange feeling, when the sun rises up in the morning and all is quiet around us.
Sometimes we can hear the birds singing. A wonderful human sensation. The main message of this track. All is possible.

4. Introspective:

This is about internal issues that sometimes invade our minds, sometimes even preventing us to act.
I think all of us have already felt the sense putting everything into question. That moment that only lasts few seconds,
causes huge consequences on our live. The techno spirit in this track is omnipresent and combining deep bass and a acid melody line.
I hope that people will feel the state of my insipiration.

5. That Single Tree:

I love the contrast on this track. Indeed I combined several musical styles, such as progressive, techno and dance.
"I don't wanna be" is the key phrase of this title. This is simply a tribute to those, who try to build their unique world.
You have already managed to put a square in a circle of the same size?

6. Something Wrong:

This song was born one year ago already when I was walking on the banks of a river. Oddly, obvious I lived in this moment.
Life shouldn't be lived alone. Still remember the outrage I felt, towards our human condition. Especially when this isn't chosen, but imposed.
This track is also the hope in that it seeks to raise us.

7. Our World:

This world belongs to us and it's magnificent. Every day I see the world which surrounds my condition and I transform it to my turn.
We are like a imbricated, one and all. Crossing the same time and nevertheless evolving differently.

8. Flat Day:

Sometimes I have the impression to waste my day. Especially in the job world.

9. Definitions (High Mix):

I arrive to that moment in my life, where the definitions of the other time are not valid any more.
This music was born from my numerous questions about life. Specially those questions about our existence.

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