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Underpolen : Czas Jest

Released on
Playtime: 27:25 - 320kb/s - 51.41 MB
Date released
Date published
2014/03/12 10:22h



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Release Notes

A great step forward, this is the first poj. wlkp album recorded properly on an 8-track, using regular microphones, contact microphones and generally sounding clean - but also way more experimental than the previous offerings, thanks to possibilities offered by the new recording environment. From the multilayered "Można czekać" with strange vocal harmonies and busy flutes echoing in the background, through "Drzwi" drenched in reverb, more folk-inclined "Poddasze1", "Owce" and "Wiatr", honest and deranged "Tu" - experimental acoustic rock, meditating, honest and pretty.

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