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fish recordings : Crypton-Company

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 6:19 - 320kb/s - 11.84 MB
Date released
Date published
2009/12/03 11:35h



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Release Notes

crypton is a producer from russia and there he founded a company whichhas the aim to support his will to control the world (lol!).unfortunately he fails all the time reaching this aim. first, thecompany tried to develop a computer software to observe the wholevirtual world, but google was quicker with their efforts. after that hetried to crash the global economy system but the stock markets did it bythemselves. then he tried to create a robot which looks like will smith,programmed to become president of the united states. well, obama wasmore swift. but now crypton has an improved plan which is even moreevil. if you play his track "company" backwards, you will be hypnotizedand do whatever he wants you to do. just try it out (hehe)!

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