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amaranta recors : Condiciones de contorno

Released on
Playtime: 18:40 - 175kb/s - 19.01 MB



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Release Notes

Amaranta Records's first release is a single of sheer noisy experimentation, which is valuable (assuming it is) precisely because of its nihilism. With Condiciones de contorno, Gurb is not trying to achieve anything at all. Starting with a brief sample of noise and using only the shareware version of a piece of granular synthesis software (with help from a simple loop in the case of 'Bizarre input'), Gurb conduces two little noisy experiments driven by improvisation and with no particular pourpose. Condiciones de contorno is not a landmark record. It's been recorded merely as a way to relieve tensions and have something to start a netlabel with, no more no less. Anyway, at least it's free. And the cover is beautiful.

- Credits

Gurb: granular syntheser, loop, & artwork
Press note by Vgrant (a.k.a. Gurb).

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