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Sucu Music : Coming Out

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 27:24 - 320kb/s - 51.38 MB
Date released
Date published
2020/12/03 09:32h



idm electronic cinematic Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

The Sicilian two-piece TNKS' new album, 'Coming Out', is an elegant, cleverly produced example of electronica where all textural, melodic and rhythmic elements merge seamlessly one in to another with the simplicity of something which couldn't possibly be any other way.

Impressionistic moments made up of piano and sampled voices crop out of rhythmic sections which are never frantic, thus creating the sense of green, Japanese-like, gardens in the heart of future metropolises where flyers silently zoom overhead.

The work, produced by the band - Francesco Palermo and Eric Cinà - and Federico Di Gangi, who also plays piano in the last track, aptly entitled 'Federpiano', consists of seven tracks whose duration exceeds five minutes only in one case (Surfing) and whose melodic nature reveals a song-oriented approach that one doesn't usually associates with electronic music.

The overall impression is of a work where, as they say, 'less is more'.

There's no overproduction at play here - which is always a sign of intelligence at work - and the music can breathe and expand in subtle intriguing ways.

A very pleasant journey which ends with the above-mentioned 'Federpiano', the most ambient, watercolour-like track in this highly recommended work, which Sucumusic will also be presenting on the next Net Label Day, on 1th July.

- Tony Colina

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