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grey sparkle : Child in Amb1ente

Released on
Playtime: 22:27 - 166kb/s - 22.42 MB



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Release Notes

"I met this duo from Florence in the iXem forum, that they left quite early in 2001, if I well remember, and I relly loved their music. When I wanted to start the remix contest for 'The Echoes of Thiings', they were the first guys I contacted, and they sent me this great versions of the song. I may say that the 'melodic' mix is much better than my original one, and it's a so nice song that they played it live a lot of times during their tours (see here under)" (Hue, 2007)

3 April 2004: Ether played live "Child Mix" from Sparkle in Grey!

The italian laptop duo Ether, with their friend Biga (turntables) and VJ Virgilio (visuals) played live as Cineplastico at the party for the inauguration of "Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea" (Cinisello Balsamo).

The concert was great, and the four Italian artists performed an astonishing remix of Sparkle in Grey song "When I'll be Child" at the end of the concert.
We were really happy for it! Thanks.

After their live gig, a live performance of Berlin duo Rechenzentrum closed the happening, and it also was great.
More info: and

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