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Pavillon36 : Capitose Windowpane

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 01:19:56 - 212kb/s - 98.07 MB
Date released
Date published
2009/12/26 14:03h



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Release Notes

"Last night I saw a man in my sleep who brought me to a utopia of pyramids and sourceless rays of light and the gates read scrambled letters that presented themselves in a foreign manner beyond inherent human synthesis. And then liquid of gold reflecting blue began to drown me from above, building from the sky down. I was taken by hand from sunrises to sunsets, past horizon radars from orange to gray. And as the liquid began to recede, it strangled me from an everchanging origin, shaking and distorting and grasping strenuously, knuckles white, attributing omniscience to desperation. My view dissolved to a spectator's view of myself in bed, choking. And then I woke up in bed. Choking. The manifestation of psychedelia from the view of my Capitose Windowpane. Where everything they said had deeper meaning."Source photography for the front cover of this album goes to my friend Paige (With some extensive Photoshopping on my part), many many thanks to her for that... Back cover photography was created for NASA by Space Telescope Science Institute and for ESA by the Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre under Contract NAS5-26555. It is, however, public domain, I.E. legally usable without fee or copyright. Slight edits were done on my part.

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