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20kbps : Brutal Refusal Of Development

Released on
Playtime: 10:59 - 16kb/s - 1.03 MB

no license specifyed yet. you must not use any of the provided material before you have checked the labels website for license information.


Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Release Notes

the motherfucking god of positive vibrations is back! The Hardliner (aquavelvas) already released on 20kbps rec. as dorfkrueppel, dorfdueppel and tattvam-asi. this is a 4 track ep, with cover of 'native love' by divine (glenn milstead). highly enoyable dance tracks! He had recently some entries at the buenzli 13 (swiss demo-lan-party). in the mod compo - levitz, in the mp3 compo - american high, in the alternative demo compo - schwart kloers. don't miss 'em.

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