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liquidseed : Autumn

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 22:57 - 320kb/s - 43.03 MB
Date released
Date published
2013/11/18 01:06h



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Release Notes

Here in Greece autumn starts to rise but this album came to remind as how beatiful and creative this season can be .
Autumn album composed in autumn of 2006 at Rethymno city by xristoforos makris a.k.a. sonicstash,
it was played live in the beggining of an unforgotten free party in university of Rethymno .
Years passed and we meet again ...this electronica gem was somewhere in a hard disk,
and now after a remastering from acid lagos ,released by

Put some tea ,roll a chigarete and leave sonicstash to take you in eternal autumn.
this album is a masterpiece of minimalism and simpicity.
if you like artists like Autechre or Boards of canada this 23 minutes is for you and its a another free download !.

Peace and love out there !

Sonicstash (1981) is a producer, composer and Dj from Greece.
He attended classes of Byzantine music for 5 years and later he studied Music Technology & Acoustics at ATEI of Crete with emphasis on sound synthesis,
composure & production of electronic music and programming of interactive sound systems.
From 2005 he started to perform his own music mostly Live Electronics with algorithms developed by him.
At the same time he composed and produced his first album "Autumn" 2006 and made his first steps on electronic dance music.
Now days he performs Live Act and Dj sets focused on Deep, Funky and Progressive House and Electro Techno.
He is also one of the leading Djs and member of the organization team of 1200m Electronic Culture Music Festival at Greece.
He currently lives and works at London.
Labels : On The Stick Records (CA), Liquidseed (GR)

All tracks and cover written , arranged and produced by Xristoforos Makris (Sonicstash) from Greece.
Mastering by acid lagos

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