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12rec : Ambience EP

Released on
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Playtime: 20:32 - 256kb/s - 30.80 MB



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Release Notes

Looking for organic Ambient music, Neuf Meuf's "It's Cold In Space", released back in 2006 as a cooperation project with Serein Netlabel, is one of the finest records you can get. Short after, Neuf Meuf aka Rok Vrbancic told me about the new band project he just joined: Automassage. Vrbancic teamed up with his Slovenian buddy Samo Ismajlovic and Gottfried Krienzer from Graz (active in Code Inconnu and under the name of Kauders). Accomplished by Markus "Maex" Sworcik of Hella Comet on drums soon after, the band recorded their debut "The Ambience Between Your Ears Is Noise". At 12rec., you can download an exclusive EP-selection from their full-length CD. The digipak CD is published by God Bless This Mess (SLO) and Chamfu Nocords (AT).The "Ambience EP" is a furry little beast. Automassage fuse abrasive instrumental Rock music with elements of Ambient and Avant-Garde. The crackling guitar sound of Code Inconnu ain't far, still Automassage add a their two cents of Psychedelica. Opening track 'Vortex Diva' sounds a bit like Jazzrockers Slon for the middle part but develops in noisy guitars towards the end. The loop-like guitars at 'Alice' bring forth an idea of Folklore, slighty permutated and processed. Here, Vrbancic's synth textures are unmistakeable (the vocals are his, too). Another consuming tune is 'Ert'. The song is based on a simple bass pulse played in the back of diffuse field recordings. Layers of aquatic guitars, synthesizer and trumpet make 'Ert' swell with gloomy noise. Last track 'Crepinje' is a slow motion waltz with Ismajlovic's shy violin, a Hawaiian guitar interlude and blissful distortion in the end. Beautiful fall of curtain, indeed.

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