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Ionium : Alles Ist Gesagt

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 45:12 - 192kb/s - 50.85 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/10/29 13:23h



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Release Notes

After their critically acclaimed debut-EP from 2005 and the remix-album "Folge mir" from 2008 PitchBlack Inc. are back with new material in full length-format. "Alles ist gesagt" is a misleading title of course. Because the Schanz/Bernstein-duo still has a lot to say especially musically. Clearly their roots are in the Electro-genre. In addition to that they take their time working on sounds you have to explore with every new listen, based on a rhythmical framework that contains punching drums and whirring sequencers.Booming New Order-like basslines are being used as well as rock/wave-like guitar-chords, filigree samples and playful electronic structures. On top of that a prominent male voice, once slightly aggressive, often beseeching and tender, sometimes melancholic. This results in a mixture that – besides the danceability and the precise electronic style - offers stunning melodies and one catchy tune after the other.PitchBlack Inc. is intelligent electro with an emotional draught. Shining bright and fascinating as a star in the nightsky. Whether german or english lyrics. Whether falling back on the Cyperpunk Guru Kenji Siratori or on IDEALs "Erschießen". Whether thoughtful or ironic. Whether danceable or dreamy. Using emotion and sounds, Schanz/Bernstein always create an independent, artistic universe of electronic music. We can only hope that they still haven’t said it all."Alles ist gesagt" will be released by IONIUM RECORDS on 01.11.2010 and is the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming winter evenings. You can make it yourself comfortable at home under your headphones or simply go out into the club and dance the darkness away.

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