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rumpfunk records : [rfr033] V.A. - 7 Years Rumpfunk - Part Two

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 01:17:36 - 320kb/s - 145.50 MB
Date published
2013/05/16 19:59h



technominimalhousedeepcompilationthomas marlowberlinrumpfunkjohn danpasquale maassenrfr033rfr033p2s-tek Please login to edit Tags
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Release Notes

Welcome to our next anniversary! We celebrate our 7th birthday with the 48th release.
This compilation includes 22 Tracks, splitted in 2 parts with great artists and great music.
Say hello to some new Rumpfunk-Artists and check the collaborations with some labels like
DAST, Tribetoolz, Telrok, Indigo Silver Club, Drumporn and Diametral Records!

So now listen, enjoy and share this great release.
Feedback is welcome :)

Cover by Sandro Ihling

Download Part 1 here: <

Part One

01 Tino Kirstan - Down In
02 MKzero - Gameth
03 Weirdsville - Tech Noir
04 Matthias Springer - Humanity
05 Luftschmiede - Crack
06 Sky Jewels - Falling Star
07 Michael Ballus - Fieber
08 Ayana - Snowdrop
09 Mickschen - Like a Jump
10 The Korken - Boots
11 Hola one, Manolo Ombre ft. Mandragora - No Consistency

Part Two

01 John Paddy - I See You
02 Makronom - Metro
03 Stockwerk 2 & Shineline feat. Propellerherd - Quasselstrippe
04 John Dan - Last Night I Was Dancing
05 Gregor Weinberg - Chips And Circuits
06 Oliver Martini - Beertanze
07 Pasquale Maassen - Technique
08 EpikureeR - Anagramm
09 Finegrind & Benson - Rockstar
10 S-Tek - Mirt
11 Thomas Marlow - yElLoW < < < < <

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