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rumpfunk records : [rfr028] Hola One - Timeshift

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 33:31 - 320kb/s - 62.84 MB
Date released
Date published
2012/07/11 21:47h



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Release Notes

After a long break, the next episode in our labelhistory.
Fresh and groovy space stuff from different artist, under the hands of hola one.
Experimental songwriting and a lot of nice ideas in one 6 track album.
Check that crazy stuff

cover by Agnieszka Woźniak



I met Hola One aka Marek Ogorzalek by the time I was running XS Records [Portuguese netlabel] with Tiago Morgado, and ever since I have been following is work, sometimes even collaborating with him.
Hola One’s work is characterized by an exploration into different types of music, from techno to dub, from hip-hop to rock, and that is what makes his music so appealing, the easiness that Hola One shows when jumping from one style to the other while maintaining a structure that allows for a continuum in each album. Additionally, Hola One’s work has been very innovative also because along time he has been inviting more and more people to work with him. Poros aka Paulo Vicente started working with Hola One a couple of albums ago and he is now including is luxurious bass into every album by Hola One, other collaborators lend their voice, guitar, keyboard and other instruments.
For Timeshift, Hola One invited Doctor Memory aka Marlon Kempmann and his guitar to make this ep. You can expect then a combination of electronics and guitar, supported by several other musicians, in a beat oriented album, that is Hola One’s best work so far. The production of the ep is perfect, the rough edges are all gone, and every sounds fits with the other quite harmoniously. This doesn’t mean that the album is boring but completely the other way around, it sounds like a mature work from an artist that knows where he is going and that already masters his process very well.

Review by Leonardo Rosado [Por] (Feedback Loop)

"Wow!, 'Hola One' have a new album out entitled 'Timeshift'. This CD is one hell of an album, packed with energy, punch & vocal creativity; over-look this album at your peril!" Rated 7/10

Terry James Hawke [UK] (The Hawke Chill Out Sessions)

Mission Control, Can you hear me? We are now in Space!

The Spacecowboy's of "experimental-futuristic-soundscapes and story-telling", want to take you on their trip and exploration in other worlds. Take a seat and let them controll your mind.
This guys know, how to mix spoken words and different instruments, in a crazy groovy way.

Our journey begins with the start into the space with "Noto No Także Ten"
and get some travel-"problems" on the way to our spacestation. We must halt in between for repairworks and get some messages from mother earth in "Memento". What's this? Hallucinations?
Reality? I don't know, but it feel great. They must be the "Sirens of the Galaxy". Or did i drunk to much "Ether"? After some crazy minutes, I escaped the sweet voice of the sirens and now i am "Adrift" in space. I lost my gravity and awareness. The shuttlecrew pick me up and we start to the "Forgotten Land". It's a hot area on this planet and in the last edge of it some undiscovered civilisations. We wave a "White Flag" and show our peacefully intents.

This is what i think, when i hear this ep and only a little extraction of my thoughts.
I can't describe the style or genre's, but it sounds great and emotional.
All sounds,voices and grooves are warm, crazy and intelligent.
Enjoy this trip to other worlds and have a nice dream.

Review by Christoph Rudat [Ger] (Rumpfunk / WobbleWobWobWow)

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