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escala : [escala 1:2] El baile de las moleculas

Released on
Playtime: 32:11 - 128kb/s - 30.17 MB
Date released
Date published
2009/12/13 21:48h



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Release Notes

“El baile de las moléculas” gives name to the new work of Pársec, in which is already their second job published in escala, just a year after of their debut with “Biorretro”. Tracks so intimists and evocatives as Buckyesferas or Curvatures does show us the complex framework neuronal what lives in the heads of these of zaragonzanos artists that the sonorous experimentation does their main ally. They also include a pair rhythmic cuts than it confirms the variety of composite registrations of this duet and, on the other way, an audiovisual piece from Orencio Boix under the name of Extracapsular… What else?

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