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alt recordings : [ALTF008] ALTRAMIX1000

Released on
Catalog number
Playtime: 38:30 - 320kb/s - 72.19 MB
Date released
Date published
2010/05/25 13:17h



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Release Notes

It has been a long time since Alt Recordings mangled your receptors with that quintessential brand of robo-funk we call home. While off on skirmishes of varying importance, our thoughts were never far from greasing up the gears and getting the pistons pumping once again.Well, wait no longer, for we bring you a deadly selection of remixes from fellow freaky-music conspirators. We have some fresh-out-the-factory cybernetic organisms joining us, as well as dusting off a few of the trusty old androids, all taking their various peripherals to task on a few gems from the Alt vault.It gives us great pleasure to welcome Spatial to the fold. After positively busting onto the wider dubstep radar at the end of 2008, his Infrasonics imprint has been plotted on a course directly into the heart of the future, fusing jagged, minimal two-step rhythms with meaty chunks of bass and a healthy nod of respect to the old-skool. Everything on his label is an essential purchase (if you're lucky enough to still find them in stock), and we're very chuffed to present his bumping and grinding remix of Erdbeerschnitzel's 'Drehundangelpunk'.Output from J-Lab is never common enough for our liking, and no doubt you'll agree when you hear his re-working of the early Alt classic 'Remember' (by the artist formerly known as Tone Def). All the elements are in place that you would expect from a J-Lab jam, with moody synths aplenty bubbling over a stripped electro-tinged groove, only to crumble apart at the midway point and then erupt in a flourish of Motor City proportions. More epic than a Tolkein trilogy.Storlon is once again back in the saddle, this time treating us to two stunning remixes. His previous offerings for our online escapades have been tripped-out experiments with only the ghost of techno haunting the digital debris of his music, but here the man from Switzerland heads straight for the floor (albeit the rather wonky floor with holes that lead down to the cellar and the like). Both his remix of 'Remember' and his tackling of 'Drehundangelpunk' display the same wizardry for sound design that made his Drill of Silver Fir EP so engrossing, but there is a much more rigid groove propelling everything along. Still the same old Storlon, just a little bit funkier.Much like what happened with Erdbeerschnitzel, we once again stumbled upon a producer whose sound seemed to be saying nothing but 'alt...alt...alt...alt' over a 4/4 kick. As you know our criteria for this label is anything that sounds exactly like that (we don't know what you hear when you listen to Alt releases but that's all we get) and Halfman Halfmattress ticked that one box perfectly. His particular brand of 'alt...alt...alt...alt' uses heaps of micro-sampling in the time honoured tradition of producers like Ark, unleashing flurries of jazzy snippets that fall perfectly on that off-beat groove. Both 'I Dunno' and 'Drehundangelpunk' are two twisted butt-quaking bombs that sound so Alt they could almost be saying just 'alt...alt...alt...alt'. Fortunately they aren't quite so we can release them, but only just.So dig in, fill your boots and get some shimmying going on in your life - you don't need to be wireless to have a good time. 

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