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textone is an online electronic music magazine and label, manifesting itself in word and sound; a channel that lets ideas and expressions circulate freely in public, with the goal of generating an open exchange of thoughts and works within the electronic music community.

text: a forum for critical discussion of topics of interest to the electronic music scene and an outlet to let artists make their voice heard without having to pay a pr agency for it. expect interviews, editorials, controversial points of view, food for thought.

tone: a publishing platform (netlabel) for innovative electronic music not bound to the dictum of commercialism. a counterweight to the overly restrictive licensing and distribution mechanisms employed in the music industry today. while the point of departure for all releases is minimalism, no dogmatic restriction to any particular genre exists. experimental home listening pieces are as likely to be found on these pages as moving floor tracks for the final scratch or traktor dj. however, quality will not be sacrificed for mere eclecticism. filtering and selection are among the most important functions of a niche label. to accept and disseminate any type of submission regardless of context or quality is too open-ended to have an impact on the small interest-bound community we operate in. simply because textone does not charge for the tracks does not mean it will release material of inferior quality.

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