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soundzfromnowhere is a DIY, cd-r/mp3 netlabel/platform based in Luxemburg since January 2003, aiming' to open out series and parties to introduce unknown/up-and-coming artists and chart a more diverse, abstract terrain for the "right" listener. sfn000’s musical spectrum is widely ranged from electronica, isolationist, experimental, improv to noise- post- and indierock, where they will run in a distinctively packaged cd-r productions + mp3 online releases format.
sfn000 is a non-profit project, and any earnings made from the sale of releases and other merchandise is applied towards future physical release projects, event flyers/posters/fees.

sfn000 online releases are free of charge and we offer them for non-commercial use through a creative commons license. All content is subject to the copyright of the respective artists.
Full permission was explicitly granted for inclusion into the sfn000 website and physical releases.
The tracks presented on and are free to download for personal use, commercial usage is prohibited unless individually negotiated with the respective artists or through contact with sfn000!

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