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So soft recordings works this way: We approach some artists that we like and offer them to make an EP or LP, or to contribute to a compilation. The band record the tracks in their bedroom and give us the songs. We put the songs and the artwork in the web and promote it in radio and press. Sounds funny, uh?

So, the spirit is the same that Starving but happy's one. The plot is to offer mp3-EPs, LPs or compilations freely, for all the people who want them. Internet is revolutioning the music distribution world, home recording is revolutioning the recording world, and in my opinion THIS is the future. Why to make this? why not? Sounded funny when I thought about it. Of course, much funnier than make only an analog hamster (hey! that's me!) page. If you are an artist and you´d like to release some stuff in so soft recordings, just e-mail us... We´ll hear your music, and maybe we´d make bussines :) Well, no real bussines, because here there isn't money at all... in fact, we will lose some of our cash renting the web space, and we won´t have any income (We seriously doubt that this would generate enough visits to win money by advertising).

That's all, folks... hope you enjoy it.

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