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poise records was originally set up back in the late 90`s by the english duo darkus and skunkmasta. our aim was to provide music to the masses for free. at the time we were one of the first internet music labels of that kind. although almost all the music we released was created in tracker programs (protracker & fastracker). After around 15 releases the group eventually shut down due to internet problems and various members having a difficult time trying to find the time to produce more music.

eventually skunkmasta stopped all activities relating to music and darkus decided to join other groups.

darkus re-opened the group with the turn of 2004. with the same aim`s and goals. to provide high quality music without charge. this time around everything will be mp3. we strongly believe music is made out of passion for sound, not for greed $$$. always looking to expand we aim to become an established net record label. we are forever on the look out for new talented composers. don`t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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