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"Plain" means clear and concise - it is literally defined as "simple" and "without pattern" - yet we refuse to be pushed into a corner. Far from extroverted boasts and show-off attitudes, we want indepedence, confidence and originality - music that speaks for itself.

Plain productions was founded in 2001 by Manu Harmilapi. The label started with vinyl-releases of cycom ("Void") and barth ("Schizophrenic") and soon evolved to one of Germany's most break-dominant drum'n'bass labels.

Nevertheless, our connection to nightlife and its dancefloors has been maintained by djs flowpro and iaka. The expansion of plain productions to include an electronic module was not only based upon our experiences with 4/4-beats, but on the idea of bridging the gap between drum'n'bass and other styles of electronic music which we like. This has allowed us to break free from the d&b stereotype and at the same time offer a broader range of music - just plain.

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