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The story of began October 9th, 2002, by activating the domain of the same name. The project’s aim was (and still is) to provide a platform for young, talented artists, giving them an opportunity to release their works. This for example meant that, apart from music, photographs, wallpapers and drawings were also made available online. (Music and Artistry)
The first tracks were presented by Sweden’s Manuel Fuentes. Due to a limited amount of web space, the tracks could only be made available as snippets of two minutes length, in an audio-quality of 56 kbit/s. In 2004, more and more netlabels came into existence and their popularity rose constantly. This development was generally regarded as very positive. One of's aims was to show other users, that tracks by yet unknown artists could be of the same quality as tracks by artists that had already gained popularity.
After a complete rework of the site’s concept, the netlabel 'Musicartistry Recordings' finally came into existence on October 1st, 2004. Its first release — '19 Month-Musicartistry Compilation Vol. 1' — was a collection of the best tracks published on during the previous years. The section 'Artistry' was closed due to lack of time on November 14th, 2005.

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