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muertepop records

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Muertepop records is an italian netlabel that releases free music aiming to promote artists of the indie, postrock, electronic and experimental musical scene. The music released on Muertepop is solely for free distribution and promotion, with no intent on financial gain.

The artists that releases their music on mp3 format with our netlabel are completely free to release elsewhere, if an artist needs to have their audio tracks (or videos or photos) removed from the site at any time, that's not a problem.

All the music on is subject to a creative commons license which means that although it is released for free and you are free to copy it, the artist still retains certain rights.

Muertepop records is directed by Federico Baglivi a.k.a. Feverasym and Livio Polini a.k.a. Livi(d)o, It was founded in January 2007.

This label has been searching and finding artists with qualities and creativity. We can release whatever we think is good.

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