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In the ancient Rome the plagiarists had theirs divinity: Laverna.
Through the centuries her divine power has exerted all his influence and the plagiarism has become form of art.
The free circulation of the music, the free-software, the file-sharing, the copyleft', etc. are considered as plagiarism activities.
But today these practices represent not only an undeniable aspects of liberty for everyone, but they have become decisive elements of the cultural growth, of diffusion of knowledge, and stimulates artistic production. 'sampling', 'cut-up', 'wave manipulation', f.e., are constitutive elements of electronic music.
In the early 90th, the introduction of the new electronic sounds has modified the traditional forms of the musical production (anonymity, multiple-name project.. ). The djs become musicians and they're places were on the same level of the listener (the end of the rock-stars!) and eveveryone can become musician, replacing classical theory with the new technique and a new sensibility. then the important thingh was the ideas, and not the name of the author. is part of red planet community, underground music project connected to the local circle of 'self-production'.
in noth-east Italy since 1992, we have build self-made live events, electronic party and radio broadcasts.
We are interested on a large area of electronic sound: ambient, IDM-experimental, techno-house and breakbeat.
We have a mind to get up creative energies inside an 'open channel' and set up the diffusion of good electronic music from our zone.
In this first time we are picking up the best electronic productions from our local scene.
Subsequently we have in project to work on an only global dimension centering in more precise way the sonorities of our releases.
Always with the same 'copyleft' attitude..

Electronic music lives as in an enormous community in which everyone contributes to develop an idea or a sound.
As in an gigantic remix, the Techno is an only big track without end that we are still developing.

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