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The Komplott label was established in 1999 as a reaction to the limited scope available for experimental and electronic music in Scandinavia at the time. The initiator Maximilian Moulettes runs the label with colleague Frans Gillberg from the Komplott headquarters situated in Malmö, Sweden.

Our main ambition is to create a strong label for new artists in what could roughly be defined as modern, experimental music, and to prioritize the release of uncompromising music, independent of current trends and commercial profit demands. Our aim is also to promote long term, self-supporting and independent releases, where any profits will be reinvested in future projects. We prioritize in promoting artist linked to our region, so as to introduce them to an international audience. Rather than limiting ourselves to any specific sub-genre, the core of the music we want to promote exist in that void which is apparent between several different musical genres - sounds composed by artists continuously on the lookout for new forms and expressions.

read more on our website.

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