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jon7net microlabel

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the microlabel was forged as a way of promoting my own musical experiments that were too strange or too sample-driven to be salable.
in the following months, many new releases, both my own and those of other artists will be featured, and while the main site is down and being rehosted, full CD-jewel case artwork is being designed for each release, some releases have been consolidated, and a couple of releases have been deleted. Thanks as usual goes to sonic squirrel for making a large part of this possible, and to you the listeners! Having received 5000+ listens since the label's inception, I am pleased to be having some impact in the netlabel scene! Feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated, and artists who would like to be involved in future projects are encouraged to get in touch.

NOTE: there have been several new releases on microlabel in the past few months, but I have been unable to acesss the FTP at sonic squirrel! bummer... but the website is back up and all releases can also be downloaded from there!

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