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Experimedia is a net-label and online artists community combining the worlds of creative commons publishing and interactive virtual community based technologies.

Experimedia in itself is not only a netlabel but also a family of affiliate net-labels working together to bring a diverse spectrum of quality electronic music to the free world.

Additionally the growing experimedia collective pride themselves on educating newcomers to the world of digital audio in order to lay the brick work for future artistry with reviews, tutorials, tips, tools, software, and all around support.

Experimedia is the first label to distribute using the FLAC (lossless) format alongside common formats mp3, and ogg vorbis. Another first was acheived by experimedia when they recently released the worlds first Ableton Live v5 Dj ready FLAC release. By including the Ableton Live analyzation .asd files with the audio files, DJ's using Ableton Live v5+ can instantly load and mix the songs in sync with other prepared files. By embracing these and other cutting edge technologies such as RSS Feeds, Podcasts, XSPF playlists, and more we hope to lead an influential example for other labels, artists, and communities to follow in order to expand and nuture the netlabel movement.

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