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epa sonidos

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Epa_sonidos is a label created in 2001 in Valparaíso by Miguel Jáuregui, André Baradit and Felipe Baradit due to the need to label and self-publish their musical and audiovisual projects., is a netlabel created in 2007 that compiles and publishes musical works in mp3 format to be freely downloaded from Internet. 

This label strives for a mixture of music, visual arts and new technologies in order to create contemporary concepts and proposals, The label does not have a particular style, its projects are based on experimentation of different tendencies:[techno, house, ambient, ethnic, trip hop, synth pop, d&b, IDM, dub, minimal, abstract, progressive and latin sounds]. 

To send demos, we recommend you use" target="_blank"> , send a link to be downloaded from another web address or upload trough the soundcloud dropbox in this page.

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