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crazy language

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Music is a language used all around the world. Transcending cultural and lingual barriers, this universal code is finding its way even into the most remote corners of the planet. Via the internet, music is connecting people who otherwise would never have got to know each other: Bridging the social context consisting of different cultural backgrounds and languages, music makes us feel united, which is somewhat crazy – music is a CRAZY LANGUAGE.

Coordinated from Berlin, the netlabel CRAZY LANGUAGE was founded by AXIOM and HURON in 2006. Ever since Crazy Language has been serving as music filter and platform for artistic self-realisation. The label offers all experimental electronic music genres an outlet, for example IDM, Electronica, Glitch, Abstract, Ambient, Downbeat and Breaks. This is reflected in the passion of the netlabel owners as well as in the diversity of the music scene. With lots of love for music, Crazy Language is articulating itself in a dialect spoken all around the world by artists and music lovers alike: the Crazy Language of course.

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 [cl-012]   HolidayMash  
HolidayMash by-nc-nd
by spenza
on crazy language
4 Tracks, 1 Artist 29'018 Downloads [i]
 [cl-011]   Eprom EP  
Eprom EP by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on crazy language
5 Tracks, 3 Artists 32'926 Downloads [i]
 [cl-010]   But It Does Not...  
But It Does Not End There by-nc-nd
by Pleq
on crazy language
12 Tracks, 1 Artist 73'226 Downloads [i]
 [cl-009]   Talking With My...  
Talking With My Nord by-nc-nd
by Rec_Overflow
on crazy language
5 Tracks, 1 Artist 9'586 Downloads [i]
 [cl-008]   huron soul @ h...  
huron soul @ hope by-nc-nd
by huron
on crazy language
13 Tracks, 1 Artist 44'021 Downloads [i]
 [cl-007]   Crazy Compilatio...  
Crazy Compilation #2 by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on crazy language
22 Tracks, 21 Artists 102776 Downloads [i]
 [cl-006]   Disposabled Weir...  
Disposabled Weiredos Of Techno by-nc-nd
by Throatwobbler Manegrove
on crazy language
8 Tracks, 1 Artist 33'587 Downloads [i]
 [cl-005]   Colourdays  
Colourdays by-nc-nd
by huron
on crazy language
15 Tracks, 1 Artist 70'534 Downloads [i]
 [cl-004]   The Sound Of Bre...  
The Sound Of Breslau by-nc-nd
by Orbique
on crazy language
10 Tracks, 1 Artist '937 Downloads [i]
 [cl-003]   Crazy Compilatio...  
Crazy Compilation #1 by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on crazy language
10 Tracks, 9 Artists 45'754 Downloads [i]


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1 Release, 1 Label
crazy_language, Netlabelism
2 Releases, 2 Labels
 Zephir Nova  
Zephir Nova
1 Release, 1 Label