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bruit [brɥi], french for: Roar, ClinkClang, Noise, Sound, Bluster, ChitChat, Buzz

Founded 2006 under the impression of the wonderful and creative atmosphere of marus Interpenetration Festival in Graz, Austria.

bruit is a Netlabel that presents extraordinary releases by international electronic- experimental artists for Free download.

All releases have been produced exclusively for bruit and contain a special idea or concept.

We respect Music as a living informational entity that cannot be owned as such.

The Music we present is Free, but not gratis. An explanation of what this means can be be found here.

For the sake of Freeness (and also audio quality) we offer our files encoded with the Free OGG Vorbis Codec. Most players like Winamp or VLC are happy to play it, an explanation how to make Itunes play ogg can be found here. Alas it wont work with streamed files, so if you insinst in Itunes you'll have to download the archives first.

bruit is another step towards the listening portal for the connaisseur of the exceptional listening experience. offers you our weekly podcast Überklang, an extensive archive and a blog.

The Listening Portal is part of XDV.

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