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the netlabel for electro-organic dance music has been initiated by flo el dot in summer 2004. purpose is to promote danceable electronic music, based on organic or natural samples, sounds and structures, and to merge experimental weirdness with complaisant audibility. electro-organic dance music is not a specific genre in particular. it is rather some kind of a cultural vision (you are welcome to discuss this vision in the TROORG-forum) and means music, that is using electronical equipment to explore and express the organic basis of life on earth with the intension of making people celebrate these and dance. we are working on the exploration of the 'biodiversity' of sound in general, which became more and more easy with the modern sample techniques for already around 15 years now, but seems to be practiced merely in experimental soundscaping and 'hard-listening', so in a quite intellectual access to the subject.TROORG wants to bring such experimental vibes down to the dancefloor (at least into a somewhat plausible rhythmic frame) and to oppose the non-fertile, endless retro-cycles, that seem to fix the development of contemporary pop in the past century.

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