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Founded in January 2012 and closed in March 2021, Shrammaka Recordings was an European netlabel releasing mainly Drum & Bass music, or better, as written in official website label info page, "Drum & Bass, other syncopated rhythms and forms of Hardcore related to all these". All the issues were freely downloadable (and so are now). Owner and founder was the Italian producer Antelikteram, that created the name of the label by merging the Russian word “shram” (in English “scar”, “mark”) and the word “maka”, that stands for “maker” in American slang; in fact label's slogan was “music leaves marks” and its symbol was a scar. The netlabel's logotype was restyled in November 2013. The catalog number format for releases before 2015 is SHRM000 for singles and EPs and SHRM000LP for albums and compilations (with numberings independent of each other), but for releases from 2015 catalog number format is SHRE000 for all the releases. This change had been done because issues before 2015 were uploaded both on Sonicsquirrel and on Internet Archive but issues from 2015 were uploaded only on Internet Archive.

dnbexperimentaldubstepindustrialjunglebreakcoreacidneurofunktechno-dnbtechstepdarkstepatmosphericjump-upprogressivetechnoidliquidhardstepdrum and bassdrumstepsyncopated rhythmsdrum 'n' basscrossbreedliquid funk Please login to edit Tags
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 [SHRM018]   Dark Side EP  
Dark Side EP by-nc-nd
Various Artists
on Shrammaka
4 Tracks, 2 Artists '764 Downloads [i]


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