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Mindwork is a musical net-nelabel, originated by a Latvian artist Vortegne. The label provides wide range of different musical genres, that can't be considered mainstream. Genres such as ambient, noise, industrial, downtempto, IDM, trip-hop, jazz fuzion, rhythmic noise, psychodelic electronics, post-rock and much more interesting experimental genres.

All the releases of Mindwork label are totally free and available for download.
If you think that your musical style will fit our label - you are warmly welcome. Use the contact page to e-mail us your demo tracks and provide us some short info about your work. We are always happy to have new members in our musical family. Also, if you don't write music, but you do artwork, you can participiate in our label by doing album covers and thematical artworks. Just e-mail us some of your works (2 or 3 will be OK) and a short description of it.

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