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DIGITAL LAPTOP REGGAE is what's coming from JAHTARI, Reggae/Dub riddims processed with all the means originally brought by the Clicks&Cuts approach. Though the JAHTARI-sound is 100% digital, delays are being deconstructed into their single grains and reverbs vanish in Buffer Override modules or Bitcrushers, the overall musical feel remains completely true to the Jamaican Dub roots.

The whole thing started off with the ‘A FISTFUL OF DUB’-EP on Phonocake (PHOKE 24) and then developed into its own netlabel. For more background theory, articles on the history of Reggae or computer-generated music and, of course, monthly upcoming releases in the funny NET-7” format check!

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 JTR NET10  
JTR NET10 by-nc
by disrupt
on Jahtari
2 Tracks, 1 Artist 6'531 Downloads [i]
 Roots Matrix EP  
Roots Matrix EP 
by disrupt
on Jahtari
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '362 Downloads
 They Went To Tit...  
They Went To Titan by-nc-nd
by Blue Vitriol
on Jahtari
6 Tracks, 1 Artist 27'173 Downloads [i]


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Jahtari, les_cristaux_liquident
3 Releases, 2 Labels [i]
 Volfoniq vs Trema  
Volfoniq vs Trema
1 Release, 1 Label