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Instagib Recordings

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Instagib Recordings is a non-profit netlabel, run by Sentient Code from the Godalming, Surrey, UK. It specialises in Dark Drum and Bass, Hardcore Fusions (i.e. Core and Bass) and Experimental Drum and Bass. It seeks to do this via free promotional releases and is aimed at promoting newer artists in the scene as well as some old ones. The concept for the label was began to be planned by Sentient Code in January 2010, and it took the shape of all hard-edged - no technoid tracks. This comes after many Hard Drum and Bass Netlabels had been releasing a lot of Technoid Drum and Bass and he wanted to put a nail this trend. He also wanted to promote new artists that no-one had ever heard before and were usually ignored, as well as contributing to the future of the Dark Drum and Bass scene by doing so. Planning started from March 2010 with the help of the artist SLI (who later became inactive from the label), and then in August 2010 Instagib Recordings was finally launched with its first release, GIB001. One of the aims of the netlabel is differentiation from other netlabels as well as free promotion for new artists. The netlabel has recently been planning a Digital Record Label Sublabel in order to do so. Much like other netlabels, they use Creative Commons licensing as legal protection for their releases.

Sentient Code (UK)
Ray-X (Italy)
Drainbamage (Australia)
DJ Sound Phantom (USA)
Senseless Symptoms (Schyzo & Shenkster) (Slovakia/Czech Republic)
Schyzo (Slovakia)
Shenkster (Czech Republic)
Skizak (Indonesia)
Fake Silence (Russia)
Weirdo (Romania)
OiLTech (Slovakia)
Disturbance (Russia)
HardLogik (Spain)
Scop (Bulgaria)
Rancor (UK)
Dvisor (Canada)
Snarestrike (Netherlands)
Maza (Russia)
DR.PAUL (Russia)
CRi8 (Ukraine)
Circular Discharge (Russia)
Fatal Volume (Russia)
Nagato (Russia)

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