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Impulsivesound Records and Webradio

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The ImpulsiveSound Industry was born in 2003 like single musical project produced from p.l.a.s.t. and A.Damn P. with the attempt to promote the interaction of various musical kinds, physically and virtually. In the course of the time, such plan has taken more and more shape of our attempt, that is to promote the interaction of various musical kinds and to vary the classic appearance of the usuals partys and events,  The production of the ImpulsiveSound Industry is oriented towards the panorama house, electrohouse, trance, electrotrance and techno and in all the sub-kinds of this musical universe; Is gone from the Dj Set through the Live Set passing for the experimentations in the LiveRemix. Offers a pickup of the best electronic music radiostations, own broadcast shows and since 2009 a "releases" section where you can find the latest prodctions of our artists...

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