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Hula Bytes

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Hula Honeys is a record label for *emotronic sunshine* based in Zurich, Switzerland.

We aim to provide your musical reproduction devices with special, intense, true school, open minded, imaginative and inspired music. We love to release on vinyl, but we'll also go for tapes, DVDs, digital or paper.

The Honeys are a bunch of kids in the heart of tidy Switzerland, messing around with music, rather than drugs or large vehicles. They've gone the natural way: they've partied hard, they've had monumental plans and other silly ideas. Finally, 2007 was the year to go pro and make real life plans for that thing called label. Random Bit Generator, Soult & Nik! put out the first 7" in the beginning of 2008 with no knowledge of music and no production or management skills - but with neverending love and support by their friends and affiliates - many of whom have now found their way home to us.
In the past years, the Hula Honeys have focussed on releasing locally anchored music, with loose musical connections to the electronic spheres. These could be loud, aiming at your peaktime thrills. But they also might be quiet and thoughtful, deep or crackled. The Hula Honeys will promise a lot and maybe stay truthful to their ideas of music: true school rave, which stands for a broad musical horizon, open ears and open hearts.

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 [hub03]   Pentaprism EP  
Pentaprism EP by-nc-sa
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