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The netlabel-community provides an easy and foremost cheap way of distributing music. Since with internet access is able to upload music, the scene is growing constantly. It's getting bigger and bigger, as I write this message.
The point is, that the possibility of uploading anything attracts people, whose main concern is quantity, rather than quality. In the end the flood of 128kbit files or tracks that lack of a creative idea makes it harder for the real art to be seend/to be heard.
Art is always highly subjective and personal but in our self-definition quality and quantity don't go together! That is mainly, why we step back and combine a rather conservative attitude towards the amount of music being released with a forward thinking way of distributing it.
Fewer releases, with higher quality should be what makes the GRÜNFELD label recognizable. Stylewise the releases all have a straight beat and can be filed under the big name TECHNO. Sometimes dubby, sometimes emotionally charged, sometimes clubby, sometimes for the stereo at home, sometimes more rhythm based, sometimes highly experimental...
Anything is possible [within our own borders]!

So far there's two releases out, which are both by co-founder DML, who has been already relased via HARTHOUSE, TANZBAR, BACK HOME and is soon to be a full member of Munich's STOCK5 crew.

GRUENFELD from now on will aim for one release per month...


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