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ego twister

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Welcome to Ego Twister records.

I planned to write a very long text here, telling the story and manifesto of this label. But i found the result boring and useless.

All that matters is the music you will download or buy from here.
Make it yours, make it listen to your friends. Dance or laugh with it.
Then throw it away and find something else to listen.

That’s how life is.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Here are a few facts about this label :

- I’m running this all alone.

- Ego Twister has never be a professional or lucrative project. It’s a kind of expensive hobby. I release records because i love them. I try to make beautifull and fun records, and sell them at low price. The sales have never been enough to finance the next release. So we are sorry, but if you are looking for a label that will help you make a living from your music, it will not be this one.

- Yes, I’m from France, and the whole site (except the music blog section) is in English. Obviously our audience is coming from a lots of different countries around the world, and actually we are pretty unknown here iit makes it much for everyone to do everything in (approximate) English.

- Please leave us a few words on the blog, add the artists myspace as friend if you like them, express your support : as money isn’t our reward here, we need your feedback to keep going on.

- Our forum is hosted by « Musiques Incongrues« , a nice growing french community found of crazy electronic music. French is the main language there, but we all speak english too. Please, have a look and post some words.

- We try to be nice guys.

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Ego Twister Movie Ruiners by-nc-sa
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