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Dancing Furries is a FREE digital music label created in the hopes of uniting those of us with a passion for Electronic Dance music of all kinds.

Our hope is to show off new and original music for each Album - completely FREE of charge - to various networks, including:
SoundCloud, Fur Affinity, Deviant Art, MySpace Music, Facebook, ReverbNation, & Last.FM.
(With more to come...)

We want to focus on promoting YOU and getting your trax spread around the net so that YOU can acquire more fans. We want people who have never heard your music before (maybe only because they only visit 1 site for their music) to hear your tunes, and tell all of their friends about you too!

With that said - ANY tracks you'd like to be included in a release will be considered.
(To Submit Trax Click Here *Use the DropBox)

Your Tracks belong to You, Release your music Independently - Anywhere, Anytime.

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