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Classwar Karaoke

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Classwar Karaoke...

As a project, Classwar Karaoke is based around a series of ongoing, quarterly surveys, the first of which, dubbed '0001 survey', was released in May 2008. Each survey is different - in terms of personnel, number of personnel, and in terms of theme. Participation is fairly open - so long as those interested in being involved work intelligently within the broad context of experimental music and do not seek to use the project as just another on-line shop-window for their material. So far, the inclusive nature of classwar karaoke has worked wonderfully-well in terms of quality of material. See and hear for yourself by checking out our internet archive pages, and the material featured here. Indeed, the label itself was envisaged, from the very start, as an experiment in the positive power which inclusivity can have upon artworking if included in meaningful ways. That said, we reserve the right to maintain the quality of both the art which is offered and the community from which it comes.
Our ambitions for the label have not stopped at periodic on-line releases.
Classwar Karaoke includes live performances and physical releases, also.
Please contact us for details.

If you like what you hear and see, please leave a comment; and if you'd like to be included in a future survey, get in touch, and we can discuss that possibility.

Best wishes,
Anthony, Adrian & Jaan

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