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Bit Phalanx

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Bit-Phalanx is a fair-trade and non profit Artist & Events Management for new Electronic-based recording & performing artists, based around the London and the UK. Since our conception in 2006, we've had regular events in the Midlands and London, as well as gigs at well established events in Reading, Bristol, Brighton and even Malta and Lithuania; as well as having supported such legends as Plaid, Luke Vibert, A Guy Called Gerald, Si Begg, Ceephax Acid Crew, Frog Pocket, The Doubtful Guest, Fischerspooner and Funkstörung. Following several compilation appearances, self funded releases and collaborations, Bit-Phalanx is evolving and moving into a new era with a new home online and a new download service for 2009 and beyond, as it tests the waters as a net-label, giving its artists and others yet more creative output opportunities and hopefully adding another string to its bow.

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