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Argali Records is a net-label founded by John Lithium and Interesting Specimen (of The Jesus Fish Experience). We are also associated with his sub-label Jewfishpie Records.

We currently (12.02.09) are NOT accepting any new submissions at the moment. At the moment, we are preparing to release new albums by The Jesus Fish Experience and Rusted Spheres.

We have released work by The Nihilist Fish-Engine Phenomenon (a collaboration between Terra Engine/Nihil Obstat and The Jesus Fish Experience), JMMIII (Jon7 of Timetheory Netlabel), The Jesus Fish Experience, Hex, Buben Vs. Nasta Labada, and Rusted Spheres. The Nihil Obstat remix compilation features remixes by Smetnja, Reaching, MLF, Nihil Obstat, and The Jesus Fish Experience.

This label was founded with the intent to release high-quality experimental music with associated graphic designs (which can be used to print out your own CD layouts). We are currently looking for (but not limited to) dark ambient, industrial, avant-garde electronica, noise, drone, experimental audio, and their various permutations.

This label has no official political, religious, or philosophical positions or ideologies. We will NOT release any material containing hateful ideology and/or 'overt shock value' tactics. In other words: racisim, fascism, sexism, and misogyny will not be accepted if they are present in demo releases. This also goes for our comment policy. Please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions/concerns regarding this or other aspects of the label.

All of our releases are through We are not (at the moment) considering CD-R/CD releases at the moment, but if you have made arrangements for distribution of physical media, we will gladly include any relevant information on how to acquire it.

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