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2019-07-31 02:22:49

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Artist Profile

Systemton are Gerd Neusser and Jürgen Rieger. both living in a small town near Frankfurt / main / Germany. Since 2000 they produce electronic sounds under several projects. Gerds obsession is composing rhythmic beats and freaky melodies. Jürgen is enthusiastic about creating smooth soundscapes, deep flowing beats and clicky noises.


the result of putting together their different personalities is the sound of Systemton. Pure minimal techno, straight moving melodies and massive beats.


" needs to be a journey with many pictures in your head. empathy - everyone and everything
has a story behind and that is what we try to express in our sound concepts..."

They have developed several releases, contributions added to different compilations and composing remixes for friends.

Since 2007 they are also the heads behind "clear-cut-records" a label for minimal moments.

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back in space [inoQuo011] by-nc-sa
by systemton
on inoquo
3 Tracks, 1 Artist '552 Downloads
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evolution Q [inoQuo030] by-nc-sa
Various Artists
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 [inoQuo051]   in the neighbour...  
in the neighbourhood by-nc-sa
by systemton
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4 Tracks, 1 Artist 10'241 Downloads [i]
 [inoQuo020]   miniblossom [ino...  
miniblossom [inoQuo020] by-nc-sa
Various Artists
on inoquo
11 Tracks, 11 Artists 61'196 Downloads
 [inoQuo010]   mininoquo [inoQu...  
mininoquo [inoQuo010] by-nc-sa
Various Artists
on inoquo
7 Tracks, 7 Artists 2'228 Downloads
 [inoQuo019]   passing remark [...  
passing remark [inoQuo019] by-nc-sa
by systemton
on inoquo
4 Tracks, 1 Artist '595 Downloads
 [inoQuo040]   quarentena [inoQ...  
quarentena [inoQuo040] by-nc-sa
Various Artists
on inoquo
14 Tracks, 14 Artists 6'670 Downloads

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inoquo [ext] by-nc-sa
Es, Barcelona
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to dance techno minimal minimal-techno  
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