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2019-07-25 16:34:06

Give Love
Give Rubel ?

Artist Profile

I became a Christian in high school after having a conviction of knowing that I was living a sinful life. I was taken to church meetings by my mom and dad when I was younger, but I didn't like attending those meetings. Between this time and my senior year of high school, I lived for myself. No one told me to repent or believe in Jesus Christ around the time when I started to believe in the Lord, instead I became interested in the Lord by hearing about creation science. I was completely blown away by the very idea that God created everything, instead of things evolving slowly over time. Up until this point, I was an avid herpetological enthusiast and was looking at possibly getting a degree in biology. Once I became interested in the Lord, I was able to read some Christian books that my high school language teacher mentioned in a class discussion. These books encouraged me greatly. This process of becoming a Christian happened over a couple months, and I had a conviction of sin even though no one had confronted me with the gospel during this time.

After high school I went to a community college and got an associates of arts degree, and then I transfered to the university in my home town. I decided to get the music tech degree because I could use the information that I learned for the Lord. Up to this point, I had been playing guitar for about nine years, but I did not read sheet music or know any music theory. Many of the songs on this site were actually completed for class projects, and I'm blessed to have had the education that I have received. While in school I was able to learn how to mix audio and compose music. I was really interested in electronic music because this genre of music can be completely mixed "in the box," without needing a full band or a bunch of musicians. I also really enjoy this type of music as well.

As my personal conviction, I feel that the Christian music I compose should be offered completely free of charge. As it says in Matthew "...You have freely received, freely give" (Matt 10:8). I also do not want to prevent my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord from being able to be blessed with free worship music. I can say that there have been multiple times where I would have liked to have had a Christian CD but didn't have the money to afford the CD. If I copied the CD from a friend, I would have been stealing according to copyright law, and I would have transgressed the commands of God. I wouldn't want to put someone else in this situation. Many times church congregations also pay royalties for the rights to use certain artists songs during services. How is this different from Jesus casting the money changers out of the temple (see Mark 11:15)? If Jesus was incited against selling and buying in the temple, should we not also burn with righteous indignation when we see the children of God being exploited for monetary gain (see 2Peter 2:3)? Also life is too short to waste time making tracks that only a handful of people would buy, and why not rather store up treasure in Heaven than on Earth? Worship is also supposed to be done unto the Father in Spirit and in truth (John 4:23); it's not a job.

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